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for contract management!

Realx ERP gives you complete control of the construction progress and enables you to manage every aspect of the project, simplifying the complexities of decision making.

  • Contract Management Processes
  • Contract Management Processes

realx work order flow chart

Tender Management

Request for Quote (RFQ)

Quotation Compare

Rate Analysis

Work Request Form

Work Breakdown Structure

Job and Activity management

Job Estimation & Budgeting

Work Order and amendment

Measurement Book

Work Order RA Bills

Retention and Release

Advance and Recovery

Deduction and Release

Contractor Billing

RA Bill Payment Certificate

Contractor Deduction Bills

Work Order Reports

Contractor Bill Report

Expenditure Category

Expenditure Sanction

In House Advance

Voucher Bill

Advance Settlement

Direct Bill

Direct Bill Settlement

Daily Labour

Daily Labour Wages Log

Daily Labour Billing

Daily Labour Payment

Contractor Portal

  • estimation
  • Project cost estimation

    & budgeting

The Realx ERP contract management module helps create the budget and track the cost against the budget.

To setup, define a project, create project structure, create work breakdown structure (WBS) with jobs & activities, rate analysis for material, labour & machinery.

Quantity is estimated with respect to the BOQ quantity of the drawing file.

As soon as the estimation is approved, Realx ERP saves the Zero Cost (Initial) Budget using estimated quantity and RA rate.

Zero cost budget helps analyze cost variation at a later stage.

The Realx ERP system allows you to amend an estimation as the scope changes.

  • workorder
  • Speed up work order creation

    from competitive bidding

Realx ERP supports fully-integrated request for quote (RFQ) processing.

Choose contractor to send RFQ for estimated quantity.

On submission of request, mail will be sent automatically to all selected contractors.

Contractor responses can be entered into system either through manual processes or directly by the contractor via a secure contractor portal over the internet.


Once the contractor has been selected, work orders can be created directly from the RFQ.

  • RaBill
  • We are No. 1 in

    measurement & RA billing

Best Work Order Management software

Accurate measurement and billing system is key to success.

Best Work Order Management software

Realx ERP helps the site engineer or supervisor to track the completion by Daily Progress Report (DPR).

Best Work Order Management software

Realx ERP has a comprehensive data capturing mechanism to create measurement of books (MB) based on the actual percentage of completion.

Best Work Order Management software

Measured quantity goes for billing process.

  • billing
  • RA billing and payments

    with appropriate Tax Compliance

Best Work Order Management software

Work Order Creation with Advance % or Lumpsum amount and Retention % or Lumpsum amount.

Best Work Order Management software

Advance Running Account (RA) Bill can be created after awarding the work order.

Best Work Order Management software

Measurement as Work order progress.

Best Work Order Management software

Partial Running Account (RA) Billing based on the measurement.

Best Work Order Management software

Manitening Current , Previous and Cumulative amount.

Best Work Order Management software

Managing Advance Recovery, Deduction (Refundable / Non-Refundable) and Retention from the billing and Retention Release in the subsequent bill.

Best Work Order Management software

Deduction Release for Refundable deduction

Best Work Order Management software

Final Billing

Best Work Order Management software

Recovery and Release after final billing.

Best Work Order Management software
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