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Advanced Technology for contract management!

RealxERP gives you complete control of the construction progress and enables you to manage every aspect of the project, simplifying the complexities of decision making.

Project cost estimation and budgeting

The module helps in creating the budget and tracking the cost against the budget. Setup required for Estimation and Budgeting are defining project, creating project structure, creating work breakdown structure (WBS) with job and activity and Rate analysis for Material, Labour and Machinery. Quantity is estimated with respect to the BOQ quantity of the drawing file. As soon as estimation is approved, we save the Zero Cost (Initial) Budget using estimated quantity and ra rate. Zero Cost budget helps to analyze cost variation at a later stage. System allows you to amend estimation as scope changes.

Project Cost Estimation
Speed up Work Order creation from competitive bidding

RealxERP supports fully-integrated request for quote (RFQ) processing. Choose Contractor to send RFQ for estimated quantity. On submission of request, mail will be sent automatically to all selected contractors. Contractor responses can be entered into system either through manual processes or directly by the contractor via a secure contractor portal over the Internet. Once the contractor has been selected, work order orders can be created directly from the RFQ.

Work Order
We stand out No. 1 in Measurement and RA Billing

Accurate Measurement and Billing system is Key to Success. The system helps Site engineer or supervisor to track the completion by Daily Progress Report (DPR). It has comprehensive data capturing mechanism to create measurement of books (MB) based on the actual percentage of completion. Measured quantity goes for billing process.

Measurement Billing
RA Billing and Payments with appropriate Tax Compliance

Based on the measurement against a work order, running account bill (RA Bill) is created. Advance RA bill can be created after awarding the work order. At the time of billing there is a provision to recover the advance, release the temporary deduction, retention. Payment certificate can be created against one or multiple bills for a specific contractor. The accountant update the payment details like cheque number, cheque date, amount paid etc.

RA Billing and Payments

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