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The key to closing leads is communication. Our system allows you to effectively communicate with customers and establish relationships with new leads. All our users realized that it is very simple to use and extremely valuable in their day-to-day business operation. They can store all your leads lifetime and then access them at anytime from any computer or mobile device.

Manage Leads & Followup

You can Add, View, Edit, Delete, Assign Leads To all in the same spot. Manage all leads and prospect buyer information in a single place. Reach out with them for new offers and deals on click of a button. Reach out to right prospects for right projects by profiling the database. Inbuilt reminders for call-later, schedule site visit or followup task.

Manage Leads
Search Filter & Leads History

Search has never be so simple! Leads are searchable in different way. Powerful filters to get the exact data you need. You will be able to set filters on your reports to show only the most relevant information that you are needing at the time. Complete follow up history is maintained that makes the entire process, system driven rather than person.

Leads History
3RD PARTY API Integration

We offer FREE API integration with any portal from where you are receiving leads. With the integration, leads from all different source comes to realxERP automatically just on time. With auto-assignment, auto-profiling half of the job done before you get started.

API Integration
Analytics and Reporting

It provides charts that help businesses make better decisions. Reports finds you quantum of efforts behind sales, both in terms of finance and personnel. Now you know from which source you are getting quality lead and you can plan your next budget accordingly.

Analytics and Reporting
A Sample view of Lead Dashboard

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