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Post Sales Easy CRM

When it comes to your loyal customers, the faster your service the better. A few seconds could make all the difference. Whatever you want to know about your customers is one click away! RealxER offers comprehensive solution to manage build, sales and customer care aspects of property development. Keeping track of customers has never been so simple and affordable.

Key Features of Post Sales CRM Management

Take control of booking process

Define the complete project setup in a structured manner. Manage changes to pricing, payment structure, tax rates, templates etc. from a single place. Create Customer Profile, send Welcome Email and create payment schedule in step by step process. Integration with leads and contact database ensures that all bookings are error free and it is an easy job for the CRM person.

Booking Process
Collection and Payment

Predefined payment structure makes sure that all the invoices are generated in time and accurately. Automatically reminders to buyers, ensure collection on time. Buyers gets automatic SMS notification for the paid amount and email alert send the payment receipt instantly to their email.

Payment Schedule and Collection
Home Customization & Milestone Update

Stop revenue leakage due to adhoc customization request. Define offered customization with the attached cost and manage all the customization requests from a single window. Email and SMS is sent to buyer on the progress of the project. Demand notice gets generated on the format specified by you.

Home Customization & Milestone Update
Document Management

Create templates for various documents and generate them on click of a button with all the buyer and project information automatically merged. Share and store all the documents on cloud - plans digitally in a central location. Documents are accessible to all stakeholders easier than ever before.

Document Management
Ticket Management

Ticket workflow make it easy to report and resolve issues relating to agreement, invoices and handover. Direct communication gets established between CRM person in charge with the buyers. Buyers is lot more satisfied now than never before.

Ticket Management
A sample view of Customer Payment Report

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